The EDGE Ultimate staff of Certified Sports Performance Specialists is dedicated to the growth and development of the sport of Ultimate.


EDGE Ultimate is a company dedicated to the growth and development of the sport of Ultimate. Whether it be speed development, strength training, injury prevention, nutrition, sport-specific skills, game strategy, team leadership, or video analysis, EDGE Ultimate is committed to helping players and teams reach their full athletic potential. EDGE Ultimate aspires to host performance camps all over the country and in other parts of the world.


The EDGE Ultimate staff is comprised of Certified Sports Performance Specialists who have been trained in the MORR (Movement-Overspeed-Resistance-Reaction) training philosophy developed by Chip Smith of Competitive Edge Sports. The MORR training program has been used to train thousands of professional and Olympic athletes since the early 1990s. EDGE Ultimate is proud to bring these professional-level training techniques to the world of Ultimate. The EDGE Ultimate training program is now the official training program of the University of Kentucky Ultimate team, the Bluegrass Revolution, Chain Lightning, and Ozone.

Full week of all-inclusive speed, agility, strength, and skills training:
o Increased vertical leap
o Explosive cutting and change of direction
o Dynamic speed and explosion
o Improved reaction time
o Strength training to improve performance and prevent injuries
o Enhance ultimate-specific skills and techniques

Whether you’re an open, college, or competitive high school player, we want you to join us in this opportunity. Co-ed and women’s teams are also strongly encouraged to attend. Bring a team of 10 or more and receive a discounted rate!

o State-of-the-art training equipment and methods
o Elite club and pro-level players as skills and drills instructors
o Mid-Week dynamic pool workout for muscle recovery
o Trainers who have been trained and certified in the MORR system. The MORR (Movement-Overspeed-Resistance-Reaction) system was developed by Chip Smith of Competitive Edge Sports. The MORR techniques have been used to train over 1,000 professional athletes, including:
– Olympians

EDGE Ultimate + Chain Lighting + Ozone Ultimate Performance Camp

from Certified Sports Performance Specialist Pete Dreisbach:
Come join the EDGE camp! Campers will be working out and playing with players and captains from Chain Lightning and Ozone. Each day will be filled with speed and workout routines that professional athletes use in the NFL, MLB, and NBA! Oh, and did I mention that you get to play with Ozone and Chain Lightning!? These elite club players will give you an in-depth look at their strategy and game-play!