Signature Clients

Chain Lightning

After a disappointing 2011 Nationals campaign, Chain Lightning has retooled and is looking to make another deep run in 2012. Losing dance-floor studs Grant Lindsley and Kiran Thomas has made this year’s team generally less attractive and less likable throughout the ultimate community. The loss of Peter Dempsey has also decreased the athleticism Atlanta ultimate is known for. Instead, Chain is a year slower, adding Jared Inselmann and Tyler Conger in honor of the club’s 30th birthday. The guys have been training with EDGE Ultimate professionals and top-notch equipment. Overall, Chain has changed its look and mindset from years past, but one thing will stay the same…Chicks dig the long ball.


Ozone has history, as well as tradition. From our founding in 1984 we have qualified for Nationals continuously since 1987 – 26 years running. This season is a special one, however. We have made changes in our leadership with the addition of Coach Kate Leslie. We’ve got new and improved uniforms and partnered with EDGE Ultimate to train. Ozone has also raised the bar, both in how we play the game and how we build a team. This year we rededicated ourselves to the idea that building a team and a system takes time, grit, and work. Our offense is graceful, but our defense is blue collar. And when the Youth of America line up with the wily veterans of the AARP, incredible things happen. Once again we’ve inspired the best of the best to choose Ozone. Nationals isn’t the end of the season for us, it’s the beginning of a new tradition in Atlanta. Thank you to the teams that have made us better along the way, and thank you to our teammates who believe when we play together, we win together.

Ozone 2012: When we work harder, we get better.

Bluegrass Revolution

The Revolution began on November 10, 2010 when David Veech bought the license to start a team in the brand new Eastern Ultimate Disc League. As we drew the business together and the league began to take shape, we held an owners meeting in Pittsburgh to set some additional guidelines. From that meeting, the league changed to The American Ultimate Disc League where we set a vision to expand from a Northeastern US league to a true National league over the next several years. The Revolution is one of 8 teams in the American Ultimate Disc League for its inaugural season in 2012.

The Revolution supports and serves our community and advances the sport of Ultimate by providing exciting sports entertainment for a growing fan base as well as volunteer, intern, and employment opportunities, player career development, youth programs, and small business partnerships.

KULT: University of Kentucky Ultimate

KULT is the University of Kentucky ultimate club team. We compete in USA Ultimate events in the East Plains Conference of the Great Lakes Region.