Peter B. Dreisbach, Jr.
Certified Sports Performance Coach (CSPS)
EDGE Ultimate Director

Pete Dreisbach created EDGE Ultimate with the vision of bringing advanced training techniques to the world of competitive Ultimate. Pete lettered in five different sports as a high school athlete in Williamsburg, Virginia. He served as the lead leg of the state-champion 4 x 400 meter relay team and he holds the Bay Rivers District record for the most career receiving yards and for the most receiving yards in a single game. In 2000, he was selected for Virginia’s East-West All-Star Football Game and he was a national finalist for the Wendy’s High School Heisman Award. Pete received a full scholarship to attend the Virginia Military Institute, where he played wide receiver. Upon graduating, Pete was awarded the Jackson-Hope Medal for finishing at the top his class with a 4.0 GPA. He is the only VMI football player to ever receive this prestigious award.

It was during his time at VMI that Pete was first exposed to advanced performance training and the MORR (Movement-Overspeed-Resistance-Reaction) training philosophy. Tripp Smith was a classmate and teammate and invited Pete to train at his father’s facility in Duluth, Georgia. Tripp’s father, Chip, developed the MORR system and founded Competitive Edge Sports (CES) based on his experience studying and training at the Soviet Science Institute during the late 1980s. After training alongside professional athletes under the expert guidance of CES instructors, Pete experienced and witnessed the amazing results of the MORR training system.

Although Pete played recreational Ultimate in high school, there were no leagues in the Tidewater area, nor was there a college team at VMI. It was not until attending graduate school at the University of Kentucky that Pete was first exposed to competitive Ultimate. He was hooked immediately and the sport immediately became his passion. He played for the University of Kentucky college team for three years, eventually serving as a team captain. Pete has served as the local coordinator for two UPA/USAU coaching certification clinics. He is now certified as a Level I & a Level II Ultimate coach. He is also certified as an observer. After graduating from UK with two Master of Arts degrees, Pete moved with his wife to Germany. While in Germany, Pete played for following mixed teams: Cranberry Snack (Frankfurt), Göttingen 7 (Göttingen), Mother Tongue (Frankfurt), Spreevolvers (Berlin), and Tourne-disc (Clermont ferrand, France). Pete has competed in tournaments in the Czech Republic, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, and Slovakia. In 2010, he served on the event staff of the World Ultimate Club Championships in Prague. During the event, he was a team leader of a group of volunteers from Mexico, Slovakia, and the Ukraine. He also served as the in-stadium announcer for the championship game between Sockeye and Revolver.

It was during Pete’s experience at the World Ultimate Club Championships that he was inspired to pursue performance training for Ultimate. As he watched the outstanding play of these elite athletes, he was convinced that they could take their performance to even greater levels if they were exposed to advanced speed and strength training.

Pete returned to Atlanta area and began an internship at Competitive Edge Sports, where he worked with sports ranging from football to basketball to swimming to bobsledding. He worked closely with veteran CES instructors to apply the MORR training system to the specific movements required for Ultimate. In March 2012, he began an official partnership with Chain Lightning to develop and promote an Ultimate-specific performance training system. Pete is now the official strength and conditioning coach of the University of Kentucky college Ultimate team (KULT), the Bluegrass Revolution of the AUDL, Chain Lightning, and Ozone. He also works as the personal trainer for Nick Lance, winner of the 2012 Callahan Award.

Katrin Dreisbach
Administrative Coordinator

Katrin Dreisbach is the lead organizer for all EDGE Ultimate events and activities. Katrin attends EDGE workouts, where she sets up equipment, assists clients in transitioning between drills, and assists in packing up the gear at the end of the sessions. For EDGE Ultimate camps and events, Katrin e-mails participants, collects registration forms, and sends out information and reminders. She keeps financial records for the company and assists in ordering discs, jerseys, and training equipment. Katrin is an integral part of everything that goes on behind the scenes at EDGE Ultimate.

Katrin began playing competitive Ultimate in 2008 at the University of Kentucky. Due to a lack of interest from female players in the region, Katrin spent the first two years of her playing career competing in the Open Division. Upon moving to Germany, Katrin was pleased to start playing in the Mixed Division. During her time in Europe, Katrin played with Cranberry Snack (Frankfurt), Göttingen 7 (Göttingen), and Spreevolvers (Berlin). Katrin’s favorite tournament is the Wies’n Cup, a hat tournament that takes place during the Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany. Although Katrin enjoys playing Ultimate and is happy when she performs well on the field, her biggest enjoyment comes from interacting with teammates and other players. She loves to make new friends in the Ultimate community.

Chain Lightning & Ozone
Skill Advisors

Not only are Chain Lightning and Ozone the signature clients of EDGE Ultimate, these teams are also active partners and collaborators in the EDGE Ultimate initiative. Players and captains of both teams serve as instructors for the EDGE Ultimate Performance Training Camp. Representatives from these teams also write the skills and strategy curriculum for all EDGE Ultimate events. They offer an excellent resource for providing EDGE clients feedback on practice planning, team management, and in-game strategy. Chain Lightning and Ozone have a high level of expertise and are veteran Ultimate instructors. These players have served as instructors for the Sockeye International Ultimate Camps, the National Ultimate Training Camp, the Ultimate Peace Project, and many other events.

Chain Lightning is an elite-level men’s club team from the Atlanta, Georgia area. The team competes at the highest level of the sport, having won the Ultimate Players’ Association 2009 Championships in Sarasota, Florida. Founded in 1982, Chain Lightning has stayed together for 30 years, representing one of the longest-running legacies for a team’s identity in an often tumultuous sport. The team has been a traditional force in the southeastern part of the US, winning the regional championship multiple times and qualifying for the national championships of ultimate far more years than not. The 4 seasons from 2006-2009 represent the strongest stretch in the club’s history, with the 2009 national championship title and 2 national semifinals appearances. Chain Lightning is confident that its new partnership with EDGE Ultimate will fuel another run at the national championship.

Ozone was formed in 1984, and their first tournament victory was at Fools Fest in Fredericksburg, Virginia, in 1987. From that point, Ozone claimed a spot as a perennial southern powerhouse — finishing top 8 at UPA/USAU Club Championships from 1991-2008 (semifinalists 1987, 1993, 1995, 1998, 2001, 2002, 2005, 2008; finalists 1994, 1996) and qualifying for the World Ultimate Club Championships from 1991-2006 (1991 Toronto, Canada; 1993 Madison, WI; 1995 Millfield, England (finalist); 1997 Vancouver, Canada; 1999 St. Andrews, Scotland; 2002 Honolulu, HI (finalist); 2006 Perth, Australia). Ozone is extremely excited to work with EDGE Ultimate and is dedicated to putting in the work necessary to earn their first national championship.

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